With in house expertise encompassing all facets of property development and construction, GVG excels in site acquisition, project management and sales and marketing, all under one roof. By internally managing each process, GVG can offer the highest level of quality and personalised service.

Guy Gardner

Managing Director

Darryl Vaughan

Director of Projects

Geoff Price

Managing Director - GVG Design Construct

Simon Betteridge

Director of Construction - GVG Design Construct

Samuel Gardner

Financial Manager - GVG Projects

Jordan Price

Design Manager - GVG Projects

Callan Walsh

Superintendent - GVG Projects

Claire OHara

Partnerships - Sales & Marketing

Eleanor Boys

Marketing Assistant

Katrina Jose

Sales Administrator

Mel OBrien

Personal Assistant to Annie Hayes

Trent Jackson

Project Manager - GVG Design Construct

Beau Smith

Site Manager - GVG Design Construct

Joel Clotas

Site Engineer - GVG Design Construct

Josh Matchett

Site Foreman - GVG Design Construct

Ross Spring

Site Foreman - GVG Design Construct

Johl Fyfe

Contracts Administrator - GVG Design Construct

Andrew Mackie

Contracts Administrator - GVG Design Construct

Rhett Foreman

Site Project Manager